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GATE After-School Program


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What is the GATE program?


Compton Unified School District’s Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program provides educational opportunities that recognize the exceptional performance capabilities of students as well as addresses the unique needs and differences associated with having these abilities.


The Benefits of GATE Identification:

  • Students are clustered into GATE classes with students of like academic, social, and intellectual abilities.
  • Students have the opportunity to participate in after school enrichment geared toward exceptionally performing students. Areas may include: Math, Science, Environmental, Technology, and/or Visual/Performing Arts.

Identifying Gifted and Talented Students


Students in fourth through eighth grades are eligible for the GATE program based on the following district criteria:

  • High Academic Achievement – “Standards exceeded” scores in ELA and Mathematics on the 2016-2017 CAASPP assessment.
  • Specific Academic Achievement – “Standards exceeded” scores in ELA or Mathematics on the 2016-2017 CAASPP assessment, and an “above level” score on the previous term’s ELA or Math district benchmark.

The district GATE office thoroughly examines all candidates’ assessment scores and applications. Once a final decision is made, a letter is sent by the district informing teachers and parents of each student’s acceptance or denial.


Ongoing Educational Opportunities


Once students are accepted into the GATE program, Fall and Spring academic progress is heavily monitored. Every student is expected to maintain an overall yearly proficiency level.


A combination of multi-measures is used to encourage high academic abilities.  Educational opportunities include:

  • Spelling Bee, Science Fair (mandatory for 4th-8th), STEAM Fest, Oratorical Contest
  • Specific GATE classes for 4th – 8th grades, or content clustering/tiered assignments where students use Depth and Complexity, critical thinking strategies, and project-based learning.

GATE Student Expectations


It is expected for GATE students to display a high level of self-motivation and independence. They should possess strong leadership abilities and take responsibility for their continuous successes and actions.


Achievement Monitoring


Student achievement and activities will be monitored and documented in students’ files, annually. It is possible for a student to be un-enrolled and/or moved from a GATE class if he/she does not maintain proficiency or advanced academic achievement.