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6th Grade

Sensational Sixth Grade

The  sixth grade team is highly excited about molding each student that crosses our paths. Expectations are high. It is our goal to instruct children to the best of our capabilities while encouraging every individual to maximize his/her learning potential.  

             First and foremost, we want every student to develop a love for reading. We will teach them how to gain fluency with accuracy, increase comprehension, develop critical reading skills, and read appropriate grade-level (or higher) texts. We will encourage each student to browse an array of reading genres while developing a curiousity and passion for knowledge. We will have our students write often, using a cross-curricular approach. We will further develop their understanding of academic language and complex sentence structure by guiding each student through the six traits of writing and the writing process. We will show each student how to proofread and edit, which in turn, will develop their reading and writing vocabulary, help them cite text evidence, add significant details to their essays, and eventually perfect their craft; the art of writing.   

             In addition, the sixth grade team will teach our students to use math concepts applicable to real world problems, solve operations using fractions and decimals, calculate proportion, ratios, and percentages. Each student will be able to problem solve using the four basic math skills: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. We will also develop each student's understanding of planar geometry by teaching them how to calculate measurements of angles and simple polygons. Lastly, we will provide students with a firm foundation in Pre-Algebraic concepts, leading them into the initial steps of Algebra.

              Furthermore, students will gain an understanding of the four branches of Earth science: geology, astronomy, meteorology, and oceanography. We will review the scientific method and show students how to conduct a higher-level science project. They will perform in-class experiments by formulating hypotheses, making observations or manipulating variables, and reaching conclusions. We will teach them how humans once lived. They will learn about early powerful empires, their growth and development, and how ancient techniques and practices led to the development of modern civilization. Students will have the opportunity to create historical models, research ancient leaders and events, and present their findings.

               Equally important, each student will be taught positive character traits; respectfulness, empathy, trustworthiness, integrity, responsibility, and good citizenship. We want them all to be academically successful and enjoy the process of learning. Yet, we want them to be children who exude confidence, content, and character; all of whom will blossom into productive members of society!